Rant Time!

Am I the only one that really hates “Rise of The Brave Tangled [Frozen] Dragons”?? I just love How to Train Your Dragon so much, and I don’t like any of the other movies…Well, RotG was okay, but the rest just frustrate me. And don’t even get my started on the Hiccup ships, especially Mericcup…Ughhhh >.>

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Ok, I admit, I haven’t as active here in the last month, since I joined the httyd fandom! I made a httyd blog which is hiccupsgirlfriend. Follow me over there if you’re a httyd fan, it’s 100% httyd content! And I make my own edits (which I should probably start doing for this blog). It’s a primary blog, so I will follow back all httyd blogs. Thank you! & I swear I haven’t abandoned this blog, haha.